50+ Useful Resources for Mobile UI/UX Design

50+ Useful Resources for Mobile UI/UX Design

Mobile User Interface and User Experience Design will only continue to grow in importance, with more and more people accessing the web through their phones.

To help you get started on designing your next project or app, we’ve put together a list of resources for both beginners and professionals alike!

We have everything from UI kits to tutorials on how to create an app icon. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or need some quick tips, there’s something here for everyone. Enjoy!

#1 Mobile UI/UX Design Resource – awwwards.com

Awwwards is an online directory of websites and web apps that are well-designed, innovative, effective, sustainable…or simply have something special.

Their mobile UI/UX category features submissions from around the world for designers to check out. They also offer a handbook that includes many useful articles on best practices when designing for mobile.

#2 User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design Inspiration – inspiration.com

Check out the UI and UX category on inspiration.com for a regularly updated list of design galleries from around the web, including mobile! You can also submit your inspiration or tutorials to their directories here.

#3 Best Mobile UI/UX Design Inspiration – designmodo.com

This is a great resource for mobile app UI and UX inspiration. It features over 200 free mobile UI kits, mockup templates, wireframe tools, icon sets, and other resources to help you get started on your next project! Some of the categories included are iOS design, Android design, Windows Phone design, web apps, and mobile web.

#4 Visual UI/UX Design for Mobile – smashingmagazine.com

Smashing Magazine does an excellent job breaking down different mobile UI elements in their article, “Mobile User Experience: A Guide To Visual Interface Design.” They explain the differences between iOS and Android visual UX patterns, how to approach wireframing for mobile, how to design navigation elements, and more.

#5 Best Practices for Mobile App User Experience – uxdesign.cc

This article does a great job of explaining the must-haves for designing successful mobile apps. They cover everything from common UX patterns to the basics of user interface design in layman’s terms.

#6 Practical Tips for Designing the Mobile UI – smashingmagazine.com

This article by Andy Rutledge is aimed at helping mobile designers navigate their way through building a mobile interface, including navigation elements, modal windows, and more. He offers numerous examples of common mistakes made in mobile design, along with how to avoid them.

#7 The Evolution Of Mobile App Design – smashingmagazine.com

Smashing Magazine’s collection of nine articles on best practices when designing for mobile devices can also be found here. It covers everything from making your app successful to usability testing your app once it’s completed.

#8 Building an iOS Interface that Doesn’t Suck – uxdesign.cc

Andy Clarke does a great job of breaking down the dos and don’ts when it comes to designing for iOS in this article. He talks about aligning elements on mobile interfaces, taking advantage of mobile touch gestures, and more.

#9 How To Design An Awesome Mobile App Icon – smashingmagazine.com

A tutorial with helpful tips by Todd Ditchendorf on how to design an awesome icon for your mobile app. It includes four different methods for creating an icon from square one, keeping in mind UI standards and best practices that will work across all platforms.

#10 175 Free Mobile Icons Sets You Shouldn’t Miss Out On – smashingmagazine.com

Smashing Magazine’s listing of over 175 free icon sets, broken down by platform. Whether you’re looking for iOS7 style icons or Android material design icons, there’s something here to suit your needs!

#11 Borondo – shouhuihuiying.tumblr.com

Borondo is a Spanish artist who has worked on album covers and illustrations for some of today’s biggest music stars including Kanye West and Jay-Z. He also designs fantastic mobile UI/UX concepts that we featured in our article “8 Fantastic Borondo Mobile UI Concepts.”

#12 Best Free Sketching & Wireframing Mockup Tools: 2015 – smashingmagazine.com

If you’re looking for great wireframing and mockup tools, consider this list of 22 free tools. Some of the categories included are desktop-based tools, web-based tools, Android mockup tools, and more!

#13 Best Free Adobe Illustrator Wireframe Templates – smashingmagazine.com

Smashing Magazine has another great list for you here, this time featuring free Adobe Illustrator wireframe templates. They’re broken down into categories based on what type of devices they’re designed for (smartphone, tablet, etc). They also offer some paid resources in case you don’t find what you need here.

#14 How to Design Mobile App Icons that Don’t Suck – uxdesign.cc

If you’re having trouble designing an icon for your mobile app or want some insights on how to go about it, this article by Jacob Cass is a great place to start. He talks about the importance of designing an icon for your app that’s both recognizable and beautiful.

#15 Icon Glossary – Material Design Android 5.0 – uxdesign.cc

If you’re confused by what all these different icons mean in Google’s Material Design language, take a look at this helpful glossary of their code names. It’ll help ease your confusion since they are using some funky names for many of their standard interface elements!

#16 iOS8 App Icon Template Free PSD – dribbble.com

This free Apple iOS8 app icon template PSD download can be found on Dribbble. It comes in both Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator formats!

#17 Free Mobile Screen UI Kit – dribbble.com

This free mobile screen UI kit can be downloaded from Dribbble. Each element is pixel-perfect, so you’ll be able to customize it according to your own needs.

#18 Ubercode: iOS7 GUI – github.com

If you want a more polished look for your mobile app, check out this full set of iOS7 user interface elements on GitHub, created by Peter Mork. He also offers an extensive tutorial on how to use them in Xcode 5.

#19 UI Faces (free) – uifaces.com

A growing collection of over 4200 free mobile user interface design patterns, avatars, and stock photos. It includes both iOS7 style icons as well as Android material design icons.

#20 UX Archive – uxarchive.com  

A huge collection of over 5500 free mobile UI patterns & kits you can download directly for Sketch! There are also some other great tools here including the Vector Packs by Adobe, which contain over 200 vector-based items that work perfectly in Adobe Illustrator.

#21 Icons8 – Icons8.com

A very useful site offering free SVG icon files for your next project, compatible with most major browsers and operating systems (including Windows 8). They offer over 4000+ different icons to choose from. It’s best to check the license before using their icons to be sure, but it should work for 99% of projects out there.

#22 Free Adobe Illustrator Mobile UI Kit – uxdesign.cc

This pack of free mobile UI elements comes from UXPin and was created in Adobe Illustrator. It’s a fantastic resource that can help get you started on your next design project or give you some inspiration for creating your own set of interface elements. It includes over 70 different objects & 40 actions! Our thanks to Peter from UXPin for letting us know about this one 🙂

#23 Wireframe Symbols Vector Set – flaticon.com

Flat Icon also offers a free wireframe symbols vector set, which contains many of the popular wireframe symbols you’re likely to run into in your projects. It includes everything from iOS7 style icons, to customer journey maps, to event flow diagrams.

#24 Mobile Wireframes Kit – uxdesign.cc

If you’re looking for a solid wireframing template that also includes mobile elements, this is a great resource. It comes courtesy of UXPin and was created using their online platform. It’s available for both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator users!

#25 Free Web Apps UI Set – dribbble.com

This free web apps UI set can be downloaded from Dribbble. The download contains several different screens per device, so, perfectly, you plan on creating a responsive app.

#26 Free Mobile Devices Pattern Set – dribbble.com

This free pattern set can be downloaded from Dribbble. It comes with 7 different patterns of mobile devices, including iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.

#27 Material Design Icons Vector Kit Vol2 – flaticon.com

Another great resource, this time from Flaticon, for adding Google’s material design icons to your project. Compatibility goes all the way up to full-sized versions for retina screens! They’ve also included a handy visual guide on getting started with their material icons.

#28 Inline SVG Icon Fonts Generator – geticonfonts.com

An online generator will generate an inline SVG icon font for you. No need to install any software, just upload your PNG or SVG file and convert it into a web font!

#29 Zurb’s Foundation Framework – foundation.zurb.com

This framework is perfect if you’re planning on creating a responsive website/mobile site as they provide the building blocks for the implementation of some great mobile UI patterns. There are also options to purchase both the iOS and Android variations of the kit on their website, but you can download them from GitHub free of charge 🙂

#30 Material Design for Bootstrap – github.com

A solid resource on Github containing several bootstrap themes using the material design by Rangle.io. It includes everything from button styles & examples, to alert dialogs and the whole Google material palette in vector format.

#31 World Flags Icons – codeply.com

This is a nice collection of free 350+ world flags in SVG, EPS, and AI formats that you can use for your latest project or mockup. You can either download them individually from Github or get the full set on Codeply.

#32 Mobile T-Shirt Mockups Bundle 2020 – envato.com

If you’re planning on creating some apparel mockups, then look no further than this awesome bundle made specifically for mobile devices! There are both male and female t-shirt templates available with instructions on how to use them as well as all assets required to create your designs.

#33 Google’s Material Design for Bootstrap – github.com

Similar to the previous resource, this one contains another collection of themes for bootstrap using the material design by Rangle.io. It includes everything from button styles & examples, to alert dialogs and the whole Google material palette in vector format. Plus it also includes documentation on how to use them!

#34 Free Wireframe UI Kits by UXPin – uxpin.com

This is a wonderful set of all different kinds of wireframes that are available free on UXPin’s website. These kits were designed specifically for mobile devices, but they’re compatible with both desktop and tablet interfaces as well. Each kit contains several different page types including login, sign up, search results, and more.

#35 Free Mobile Device Mockups – uxpin.com

In addition to the wireframe kits above, you can also download this free set of mobile device mockups that allow you to create your projects or presentations. Every single screen is a separate high-resolution PNG document that comes with a built-in background color for customization purposes!

#36 Clear Mobile Wireframe Kit – uxpin.com

Another great resource provided by UXPin, this one contains over 40 high-quality screens made specifically for mobile devices in PSD format. You can download the entire kit or individual mockups if you so prefer. There’s also a tutorial on how to go about using them in your wireframes.

#37 128 Vector Web Icons with Transparency – flaticon.com

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Flaticon is just full of wonderful resources that web designers can take advantage of! This freebie comes in multiple formats including AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, and PDF files which are all ready for retina screens! If you ever plan on using vector web icons, then this is the place to look.

#38 Vintage Labels & Badges – flaticon.com

This set contains tons of vintage-looking elements that are perfect for adding a certain flair to your design projects! There are over 100 fonts included which you can use in your designs, all of them are free for personal and commercial use, so go get creative!

#39 Lorem Ipsum Generator – loremipsum.space

Having placeholder text in mockups is always necessary when trying to convey an idea before real content has been put into it. This generator tool will help you produce dummy text quickly by switching between different paragraph styles. It also comes with several pre-generated paragraphs so you can customize it to fit your needs.

#40 UXPin | Mobile Templates – uxpin.com

Now that we’ve covered wireframe kits and mockups, let’s focus on project templates for when you’re ready to move past wireframing! This page contains several different kinds of mobile UI packs in all sorts of formats including Sketch, XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator. You can either download the entire kit or individual files if need be.

#41 120 Free Icons for Web & App Design – thenounproject.com

Similar to Flaticon, Noun Project also provides free-to-use icons for web designers in both SVG and PNG formats. They even have a nice little app available for iOS and Android devices to make access much easier. If you’re looking for something specific, you can search directly within the website itself too!

#42 50+ Free & High-Quality Icons – thenounproject.com

Flaticon, Noun Project, Iconfinder … these are all wonderful resources, but if you’re looking for something even bigger then The Noun Project is a great place to turn to! Not only does it include icons like the other sites, but also symbols that go beyond what you’d normally think of as an icon. It’s a very extensive library with over 400,000 different images ready for use in your app or web projects! All images are free under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) and do not require attribution.

#43 20 Free Vector Line Icons – thenounproject.com

Don’t like the idea of vector images? No worries! The Noun Project also offers sets of simple line icons that can be used as a substitute for using an actual image. Each set includes over 20 separate symbols which you can download individually or as a single ZIP file. All contents are free under Creative Commons Zero (CC0).

#44 30 Animated Doodle Icons – wefunction.com

Some websites require animated elements to help better convey an idea and give visitors something interesting to look at rather than static content. This pack contains 30 different doodle-style icons that have been animated in Sketch format so they’re perfect for quick turnaround prototyping. All of the resources are available under an Attribution 4.0 International License so you can use them in your personal and commercial projects alike!

#45 Icon-O-Matic – iconomatic.appspot.com

Icon-o-Matic is a great little website that enables you to create icons online based on uploaded images or supplied text, should it be required. Simply upload an image, paste some sample text into the box, and let the robot work its magic by creating several different styles of icons instantly! The results will then be displayed for download at the bottom of the screen afterward. You can also try it out first by uploading test data before actually using it for real!

#46 Adobe Color CC – color.adobe.com

Adobe Color CC is a website that provides a vast array of new and interesting color schemes for you to choose from, making it easier to create good contrast between every element in your design. It even includes some brand new concepts such as color harmonies and analogous colors, which are very useful when trying to decide on a final look/feel for your project. Any of the images can be downloaded directly from Adobe’s website after registering an account with them!

#47 Material Design Colors – material.io

The inspiration behind Google’s current Material Design language was drawn from ink and paper itself. This page contains all of the different standard Material colors that were part of Android L and new ones that have been added since then. Any color you see on the screen can be downloaded as either an Adobe Swatch or .aco file for use in Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, etc.

#48 Material UI Colors – material-ui-colors.com

Similar to Google’s Material Design colors page, this site is strictly dedicated to providing designers with all of the necessary tools needed for creating their very own custom color schemes. You can even try out different combinations on the website itself by typing in brand new hex values! If you like what you see (or don’t), simply click “Download” and it’ll all be saved directly onto your computer’s hard drive in the form of a ZIP file.

#49 Material Icons – getmdl.io

Google’s Material Design language and icons were specifically built to work together (similar to iOS and Apple Music). This site provides an easy way to download both the icon font and full-color palette of all Google’s official Material icons which you can use in your projects! Give them a try, we’re sure you’ll like them!

#50 Twitter Bootstrap Glyphicons – glyphicons.com

Bootstrap is currently one of the most popular frameworks for helping designers quickly put together responsive websites within minutes. Although it’s possible to create your custom icon pack, why not save yourself some time with this complete set of over 300 free and open source line icons created specifically for Bootstrap?

#51 IconSweets Mobile Line Icons – iconselect.com

IconSweets is an incredibly popular icon pack made up of both outlines and filled versions for iOS7, Windows, and Google Material Design. The pack also includes an extremely large number of added features such as shadow effects, bevels, and other customizations to make them look even better. There are over 400 different icons available in total, so why not give them a try?

#52 IcoMoon App – icoMoon.io

IcoMoon is an extremely popular icon pack that can be imported into any Sketch or Photoshop document within seconds! Each set contains more than 1,000 individual icons ready to use on your latest project. Not only that, but they’re all completely free for personal and commercial purposes! Give it a shot now if you haven’t already…

The mobile User Interface and User Experience Design will only continue to grow in importance, with more and more people accessing the web through their phones. To help you get started on designing your next project or app, we’ve put together a list of resources for both beginners and professionals alike!

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The good news is that there are plenty of tools out there that can help you speed up this process or even create your work from scratch. Whether you’re embarking out into the wild world of mobile design for the first time or simply want to make sure your existing projects are up to par, you’ll want to bookmark this list and check back often for new resources!

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Alignment Online Marketing: 50+ Useful Resources for Mobile UI/UX Design

FAQ For Mobile UI/UX Design

#1 – What is UX/UI Design?

UX/UI design refers to a process where a website or app’s visual components are designed with the user in mind. The goal of this practice is to make sure that everything from the color scheme and page layout to text boxes and buttons is easy to navigate so users can get what they came for as quickly as possible! This not only makes it easier for companies to gain new clients but also keeps current customers happy which means higher profits, more referrals, and improved sales figures.

#2 – What Does a Mobile User Interface Designer Do?

A mobile UI designer will take your company’s web content and transform it into an intuitive experience that works great on any device ranging from tablets and smartphones to laptops and desktops. This also includes creating original artwork and copywriting which provides the user with all the necessary information they need to make a decision.

#3 – What Does a Web Developer Do?

Web developers are responsible for everything that has to do with the technical aspects of your company’s website or app. They will decide what kind of platform (ie: WordPress, Bootstrap) is best suited for you while also making sure every page loads quickly without any errors. Many designers use WordPress because it makes blogging simple and allows you to add new content or change existing parts of your website very quickly if needed without having to learn HTML or CSS coding!

#4 – How Can I Find a Web Designer?

The best place to start is by browsing through a site like Envato or clicking on one of our ads for affordable web design packages. It’s not uncommon to find premium themes for less than $30 which have been coded in HTML and can be installed within minutes on any hosting account! That being said, if you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of free WordPress themes that allow you to add new pages, change the background color and upload your logo without having any previous coding knowledge. This will only affect smaller sites with little content but can quickly save you money if implemented correctly!

#5 – Where Can I Find Free Fonts?

If you’re hoping to save any extra money, picking free fonts is a great way to do just that. You can browse through Google Fonts or find anything from thin script fonts to display-ready lettering by clicking on the ‘Font’ section of our ads! If you’re hoping to create your font, there’s no shortage of resources like MyFonts and Adobe Typekit that provide guides, tutorials, and even free trials to help you do just that.

#6 – How Do I Create a Favicon?

Creating a favicon is easier than you think. Simply select your image and add an extension of .ico to it once uploaded! These can also be used for profile images, buttons, and small icons so the possibilities are endless. We encourage all our customers to upload their creations but we’re able to provide ours upon request if needed. Just send us an email with what you’d like and we’ll include it free of charge into any theme for you.

#7 – What’s the Difference Between Responsive and Mobile-Friendly?

These two terms are often used interchangeably which isn’t entirely accurate. While every mobile-friendly website will work on various devices, responsive design refers specifically to websites that automatically adjust their layout to display properly on each device. This is done by using fluid grids and layouts instead of fixed pixels which also creates an experience where content can easily be accessed regardless of the device used. You can learn more about it here!

#8 – What Is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A CMS, or Content Management System, allows websites to be updated without having any knowledge of HTML or CSS coding. WordPress has become the most popular choice because it’s free, easy to use, and even allows you to monetize your blog through themes like ours which are available for purchase at very affordable prices. Some other options include Tumblr, Blogger, and Wix so there’s something for everyone here!

#9 – Can I Keep My Domain Name If Switching to WordPress?

You can keep your domain name when switching to WordPress. Your hosting account will remain the same, all you’ll need to do is install the free WordPress software available in our dashboard! However, if you’d like us to handle everything for you instead, we have a variety of service packages that include website migration so there are no extra fees involved at any time!

#10 – How Do I Choose a Theme?

Choosing themes can be difficult but it just depends on what kind of site you’re hoping to create. Our themes are designed with small businesses in mind which means they are great for showcasing products or services while also being straightforward when it comes to navigating the site. We also have landing page themes if you’re looking to start an online business or even just send out newsletters! There are plenty of free website templates available online but most are very limited when it comes to customization.

#11 – What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is typically used in marketing campaigns where people are directed through specific ad campaigns to receive additional information about the product being advertised. They can either be created using HTML or WordPress and usually feature a unique look to draw in potential clients without having too much content on the actual site itself which makes them perfect for high-level advertising!

#12 – How Should I Test My Mobile-Friendly Site?

While Google has already begun penalizing sites that aren’t mobile-friendly, there are still a few very easy ways to test your site before releasing it to the public. For one, you can simply use emulators like this one from Apple or Google. If you have an iPhone or Android device on hand, running your domain through those browsers will also give you valuable feedback as well! There are also third-party tools that can help determine your web pages speed by using various websites such as gtmetrix and google’s webmaster tools.

#13 – How Do I Market My Website?

Marketing a website is much easier than it may seem at first glance. The key here is consistency, so try creating valuable content that people want to share whether it is newsletters about new products being released or press releases for upcoming events. Social media is also a great way to market as you’ll reach a wide range of audiences depending on the platform used such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest!

#14 – How Do I Monetize My Website?

Much like marketing your website, the key to making money from it is consistency and trustworthiness. Once you’ve built up a large audience who trusts what you have to say and continue to visit your site regularly (that’s where those newsletters and content will come in handy!), then you can begin looking into affiliate programs which include Amazon Associates or Google Adsense that pay out commissions every time someone clicks through one of your links!

If you looking for more information about mobile user interface design, this post from the WordPress blog is a great read!

WordPress’s mobile tutorials are also a wonderful resource if you’re looking to start developing apps or mobile-friendly websites.

The website Builder Expert has a guide on how to build an online store complete with step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots as well as a full tutorial for making a shopping cart using popular eCommerce tools such as woo-commerce and Shopify.

This article was written in hopes to educate designers and marketers about mobile user interface design while also providing help for beginners on how to get started with design.

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